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SeisInfo™ Seismic Data Management

Exploration data is a valuable asset that needs to be properly managed to maximize the returns your company can receive from its investments and to increase competitive advantage. SeisInfo™ is an exploration information management software solution with a focus on seismic data, that streamlines exploration activities by organizing seismic surveys into a spatially aware repository so that you know what seismic assets you have, where they are located, how to retrieve them and ensure that when exported, that the data is geo-spatially correct. SeisInfo™ is scalable, intuitive, extremely easy to use and provides value to companies of any size.

SeisInfo™ is designed to work seamlessly within your current workflow. Whether your company is managing their data internally, or using multiple data storage vendors, SeisInfo™ ensures that your data can be queried and accessed with 100% accuracy for internal use in workstations and for divestitures.


SeisInfo™ is a powerful seismic data management software application used to manage, map and export seismic data for exploitation. To simplify the user interaction, the application utilizes five main components.

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SeisInfo™ offers an extensive array of data management services and processes for your seismic data assets. We provide full support, training and data migrations of existing databases.

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SeisInfo™ is my constant companion at work - I use it for everything. It is very intuitive and allows for the manipulation of large amounts of data.
- Denise Freeland

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